PC &Tech Authority grants XPC slim “DX30” a Best Value Award

The DX30 made by Shuttle Inc. has been awarded Best Value from PC & Tech, a key established technology and review platform based in Australia. Established in 1999, PC & Tech covers everything from the latest smart phone and tablets on the market, to in-depth features on how to up-grade your PC and reviews of the latest game for tech enthusiasts.

“With a total cost of ownership of about $400, this is a nice little jewel that we’ve uncovered.” praised by the editor of PC & Tech media Bennet Ring. “However, after taking a quick glance at the specs, we realised we’d found a hidden nugget of gold that would actually work pretty damn well as a media PC, for an incredibly low price. Let’s explain why this mini-PC is actually much more capable than something designed to deliver images to large displays in the middle of a shopping centre.“

At the heart of this tiny box is Intel® new Apollo Lake architecture, all-new slim model DX30 is powered by Intel® Celeron® J3355 CPU. “Now, according to Intel’s very own website, all Celeron processors shouldn’t be capable of delivering 4K video. However, the SoC Celeron chip in the DX30 does indeed support hardware acceleration of a wide-range of video codecs; H.264, VC-1, WMV9, HEVC and VP9. It seems that the Intel website might need an update…” The DX30 is capable to deliver 4K/UHD with integrated Intel® HD Graphics; at the rear panel of DX30 provides one HDMI and one DispayPort as well as one optional VGA ports PV01 accessory to support up to triple independent-screen displays.

The DX30 is highly connectable with multiple I/O port, including USB2.0, USB 3.0, PS/2, RS232 and native SATA 6Gbps high-speed storage interfaces. Its VESA compliant chassis fills a mere 1.3 liter and measures 43mm thick for easy integration in any places with limited space. The DX30 is certified continuous 24/7 operation and uses a fan-less cooling design, making it a very silent and stable machine for long-term operation.

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